Acceptable Usage Policy

Our Acceptable Usage Policy is subject to change, without immediate notification, so please visit our website regularly for updates. Net4Africa reserves the right at any time to determine what constitutes an infringement or violation of this policy. If by any chance you feel violated by any sect of Usage Policy, except for court orders, search warrants or any legal battle, don't hesitate to contact via email, legal(at)

1) Web Hosting

Net4Africa reserves the right at any time to suspend or terminate a customer's account if we discover that the account has been used inappropriately. Net4Africa reserves the right to refuse access to any or all of our services to such persons anymore.

a) Net4Africa allocates different levels of web space and bandwidth allowance for different account types. This space is purported for legitimate website contents and bandwidth reserved for visitors to view it. Large files such as MP3's are not web-based files. These kind of contents requires a streaming media service, which net4African provides. All files, mail and information under our customer's account will be preserved for a maximum of 30 days from the date of due-payment. If no payment is made after these 30 days, all files and relevant documents under this account will be deleted. If the customer in question wishes to reactive the service, he or she must re-apply as a new subscriber and an activation fee may be required for this service.
b) Bandwidth and Disk Usage: Net4African shall provide Customer's with different volumes of bandwidth, disk space and other special services such as email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts depending on the package purchased. These services are intended for normal usage. Any activity that results in excessive usage that is not consistent with the normal usage pattern is simply intolerable. We urge our customer's to take caution to ensure that bandwidth and disk usage does not exceed the default limit set by Net4Africa. Customers shall not use any disk space or bandwidth allocation as offsite storage units or as temporal services for third party FTP hosts. Net4Africa will monitor customers disk usage and bandwidth usage very closely. Net4Africa shall have the full right to take this corrective action if our client's bandwidth or disk space usage exceeds the Agreed limit. Such corrective measures may include complete disconnection, additional charges, termination of contract or discontinuation from any or all of our services. In a case where Net4Africa takes such corrective steps, Customer are not entitled to any form of compensation or refund. Customer shall utilize our services for legal purposes only. Customers shall not utilize our services for any of the following: copying materials from third party sites without proper authorization; infringement on patents or copyright laws; trafficking of illegal substances and services; showcasing any obscene material or product that is prohibited by law. If we discover or are informed that a Customer is violating any of the aforementioned terms, we may be obligated to inform the necessary law enforcement bodies of such misconduct and we shall also provide these agencies with information related to the customer, customes website, customers electronic mail and customers content.
c) CPU Usage. Customers shall not use excessive amounts of CPU processing on any of our servers. Any activity that contradicts this policy may result in the application of the aforementioned corrective steps and actions by Net4Africa. In a case where Net4Africa takes this action, customer's shall not be entitled to any form of compensation or refund.
d) Websites must not contain copyrighted, obscene or illegal materials. You are solely responsible for the contents you make available on your websites. Websites should not contain MP3 files or other multimedia files, as they are not regarded as active web contents. Other multimedia files are acceptable if they configured to enable the client stream rather than download. Websites must not contain password protected archives, such as ZIP or RAR, or data backups. Websites should not contain pornographic or otherwise obscene materials. The designation of ADULT MATERIALS is solely at the discretion of Net4Africa. Websites should not use excessive amounts of server resources. These include disk space and bandwidth. When a website is found to violating this term, Net4Africa reserves the right to suspend that website immediately. This policy is intended to control the misuse of our servers. Customer's affected by this policy may be offered an upgrade option.


Common problems associated with email:
When a mailbox receives large volumes of undelivered emails.
When a mailbox has forwarders set to other mailboxes where mail cannot be delivered.
When a mailbox has forwarders and/or auto-responders that generate circular mail loops.
Do not use Net4Africa's email services for any of the following:
To send abusive, offensive or otherwise unsolicited messages.
To send messages that stir annoyance and inconvenience among Internet users.
To indulge in communications that purports fraud or any criminal activity.

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